This was my first AR purchase and was really wanting to make it “mine”. I started looking up patterns and colors and found one I really liked. My next task was to call around to see who could replicate it,pricing, expected time frame. Some places were extremely pricey and were pushy, some places were really cheap and would rush it out. So I remembered “Roman Arms Gun Company”, I had seen work they did for a benefit for one fallen firefight, Scott Deem and severely injured firefighter Brad Phipps. So I sent them a message, it was in no time they responded, gave me a quick quote and time frame. I’m the kind of person who needs to meet people before I settle. A couple days later I popped in. Tara and Abel were there to greet me with a smile. They made me feel welcomed, very informative, explained the process and a quote. Right then, the process began, they took the time to ensure which colors I wanted, how I wanted it to look. A week later I brought in the gun. During the process they kept in touch with me about the progress or questions that arose. They were completely accommodating and places customer service as top priority. Three weeks later, I get the call to pick up my project. Still not having seen pictures, I got there and was blown away! It came out it such professional quality and care. They knocked it out of the park for a very reasonable price and service that others couldn’t compete with. My mom, now wants her gun done, and I’m already inquiring about having my pistol done. I will NOT use anyone else. I HIGHLY recommend “Roman Arms Gun Company” for anyone looking for a professional, high quality, customer service driven company at an affordable price. Much thanks to Tara and Abel for this!

Travis P. from New Braunfels, TX


(210) 846-0084

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